Fall Away

Change comes from reflection ~ Genesis P-Orridge

Fall has always been a time of pause, reflection, and contemplation. As the leaves slowly change colour and eventually give up, blanketing the ground with a soft orange glow. The trees take time to pause, to determine how they will show up in the spring.

As the trees, I use the fall to mindfully take stock and let go of what no longer serves. Taking the time to evaluate the health of my boundaries, shedding my self-deprecating and self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, the ones rife with not good enough. Politely walking away from harmful relationships, whether those are with others or some form of escape.

Looking out at the brilliance of the changing season, it’s a time to be present, to sit with my thoughts and feelings, turning to them, not away. It’s a time to decide what leaves I can let fall 🍁🍂

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