The Emerald Path

Moss: green vibrancy and growth? Or dark, damp stagnation?

“I love the way the bright green looks between the stone, I want the whole path to be alive!” she said with a smile and an earnest excitement for the task ahead.  The three of us, making our way into the forest to find the perfect patch of bright, brilliant, fluffy moss, intent and determined to make this happen.

“You can find the best moss under the big trees” she stated in a matter of fact way. Looking deep into the forest we saw a dense thicket of trees, tall, big, leafy. Trees that looked like they had seen some things. We carefully made our way there, stepping over piles of leaves and tangled roots. It appeared like an oasis, thick, fluffy moss in all manner of shapes and sizes. Many looking like escape pods or pea pods or “like ‘tribbles’” he said, prompting a look of bewilderment from the ladies.

Armed with a bucket of moss, we carefully, and gently, transplanted the bright green plants.  Crouching in a perma-squat position, we placed the moss in sections around the rocks in the path like Lego.  A sense of satisfaction each time a piece fit perfectly to the contours of the rocks. Our hands covered in dirt and dust, deep under our fingernails, sweat rolling down our backs from the bright sun shining down, and fatigue settling into our legs from holding such a position, we continued to place bucket after bucket, until…spider!  I’ve never much liked dealing with the wildlife. We continued together in the pursuit of completion, while she rested.

We stood back and admired our work.  The bright green of the moss popped out at us, a contrast from the rocks it surrounded, warm sunlight bouncing off and making the green a deeper hue.  A simple task that brought such joy and satisfaction. A task born of a love of life and growth. From the joy found in the simple things in life and a gratefulness to be able to experience them, together.

Going to The Fort is a strong reminder of the power of simplicity.  The nostalgia of a perceived simpler time, of gardening, of bonfires, of growth and family.  Away from the madness of the city, where the prevailing theme is “the rolling stone gathers no moss”, it became clear.  Gathers no moss has commonly meant that to avoid stagnation one needs to keep moving, to not settle down, to not have roots.  But moss is growth, it is vibrancy, the absence of moss is the absence of prosperity.

The moss highlighted our path. Contrasting, complementing, reminding us to slow down and keep it simple, not just at The Fort, but always.

What can you simplify?

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5 thoughts on “The Emerald Path

  1. What a great post. Really enjoyed it.
    I wish I could simplify myself. Ain’t gonna happen, though.

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    1. Thanks for reading!! Remote Oklahoma is very simple, great for a getaway and great to come home to the complex 😊💚

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      1. Simple nature vs. complex humans.
        (I bet)

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      2. Yes! But strangely only so much quiet I can handle 😬

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