A Glimpse of Love

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love ~ Mother Teresa

I recently started asking people about their most awesome love moments, memories and stories. I’m always amazed at the honest and candid responses people give, often with a whimsical smile and a faraway look in their eyes.  This is one such story. A story of a moment that has been engraved on someone’s heart for a lifetime.

Her phone lit up with a familiar tone indicating a text message. One of her oldest friends, it had been awhile, “do you want to come to a casual gathering tonight? My boyfriend can drive us and you can finally meet him?” It didn’t take her long to decide, “absolutely! I’m in.”

A few hours later she met her friend outside, after a quick hug she hopped in the back seat of the car.  A tall, admittedly highly attractive man, was sat in the driver’s seat. Their eyes met in the mirror and she quickly looked away. She was embarrassed that she found her friend’s new boyfriend so attractive.

Within moments, the car slowed and pulled over. Everyone jumped out of the car. Grateful to be out of the back seat, she followed her friend up the stairs and in the front door. She spent the first half of the night avoiding her friend and her boyfriend, although often stealing glances in his direction.  This was no good. She amused herself by chatting with a funny, interesting man, but one she definitely did not have any interest in or chemistry, romantically.

A little while later her friend came and sunk into the chair beside her, next to the man she was chatting with.  Her friend put her head on his shoulder and he affectionately kissed her forehead. Her head was swimming, wait what?!  Her friend said, “I see you’ve met Ben, my boyfriend!” She looked at her friend, “but I thought your boyfriend picked us up?” Her friend laughed, “he was going to but he got tied up so my cousin offered to drive us.”  She laughed out loud, sighed a big sigh of relief, “excuse me, but I’ve got to talk to someone.” She picked up her glass of wine and walked straight to her friend’s cousin. They spent the entire night talking and laughing.  That night merged into another date and another one after that.

She said they dated for two years, but in the end, they were both very young and parted ways, heading in different directions.

She smiled, sighed and thanked me for reminding her.  I walked away a little lighter, and a more fierce believer in love.

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