As Flexible as an Iron Rod

Maybe more yoga is all I need?…scratch that…Maybe any yoga would do?

I’ve been suspiciously absent the last few weeks from the Blogosphere, at least I’ve noticed.  But my computer and writing desk have also noticed this absence.  My laptop has a fine layer of dust and my computer chair cushion no longer has the giveaway imprint of my sitting too long reading and writing.  Life certainly throws us curveballs.  Generally, I find these curveballs a fantastic opportunity to write.  Not only do I then get a chance to process the events, but also I find support in the sharing and commiserating that occurs and I get to post something on my blog…all around benefits.  However, this time, I haven’t felt like writing. I haven’t felt like processing.  In fact, I have just felt like sleeping or pulling an Ostrich!  I heard from someone, somewhere at sometime, that giving space, temporally, emotionally and even physically, from a situation can give perspective and allow you to view this event or situation for what it is and what it means.  For me, right now, I haven’t done that.  I find matters of the heart require time and distance.

Yesterday, I waded back into the writing waters.  I started this by pulling up my Word Press Reader and thought I would catch up on some of my favorite blogs as a slow warm-up.  The first blog I pulled up was Tom Being Tom and within moments, I was diving back into the deep end.  Thank you for your nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award. I’m touched, honoured and inspired.

I started thinking about the word Versatile and Versatility:


  1. capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.;
  2. Having or capable of many uses;
  3. Variable or changeable, as in feeling, purpose, or policy.

Synonyms include: Flexibility, Adaptability

Professionally, adaptability, flexibility and change are paramount. Everything is constantly in flux and it takes adaptation and flexibility to cope and function in the environment.  Personally, I hate change.  I crave routine, constant, consistent and reliable features in my life.  That has been difficult to find with anything that is outside of my control, and in all honesty, pretty much everything is outside of my control.  We can consider this one of the 7 things you may not know about me!

As far as I can tell, the rules for this award (and I too am not great at following rules), is to share my favourite blogs and 7 things about me you don’t know.  The majority of my favorite blogs have been mentioned by Tom Being Tom (including Tom, Fmumble, Dylan Anderson) and now some new favourites thanks to Tom’s list of recommendations!  My other favourites, the list is much longer than this, include:

  1. Spooky Action at a Distance
  2. Committing Sociology
  3. Fractured Faith Blog
  4. Truly Madly Ordinary Stories from The Heart
  5. Insomnia Girl
  6. Cat h Bradley

Finally 7 things about me you don’t already know:

  1. I’m a creature of habit — see above how I hate change in my personal life.
  2. I’m a huge NFL fan (and the Patriots) which some of you already know, but the reasons I love football are twofold, it’s an easy commitment, I can commit to a 16 game season and a one and done playoff. No drawn out best of 7 series.  And secondly, I love trying to figure out the battles unfolding on the field and how they are going to attack and defend.
  3. I’m a Registered Nurse (not news) and work as an Investigator.  I love to ask questions, questions no one else can ask!  Is it a power thing? I believe I’m just really curious.
  4. I volunteer for a cat/kitten rescue organization. I was initially a volunteer kitten stabber (vaccinator) and now I’m the vaccination coordinator. I was voted most likely to be the crazy cat lady when I was in Nursing School.
  5. I was born in the UK and grew up in Canada.  So I like to drink tea and eat poutine, or pancakes with maple syrup.  So tasty eh?
  6. I’m a gym junkie.  I work out at 6 am EVERYDAY.  Except Saturday I work out at 8 am and on Sunday…well I rest and watch football.  Except when there’s no football then I’m found running around trails or climbing mountains.
  7. I still believe in love.  Ok you might also know this one.  Since it is all over my blog and is an undercurrent in everything I write.  I might not be able to find it, or keep it, but I believe in it.  And I believe it’s out there…right around the next corner.
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3 thoughts on “As Flexible as an Iron Rod

  1. Thank you. What a compliment 😊👍🏻

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  2. Welcome back! I too have been avoiding – for whatever reason – my writing spot. But I’m always so happy to see you and read your posts. Such a great community! Thanks for the mention. Cheers!

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  3. Oh, more to explore!

    Nicola, I noticed your absence, but figured it was the business and charm of life that had pulled you away; sorry to hear it was trouble. You deserve better than that. I do hope, whatever you are struggling with, you find swift and meaningful resolution. 🙂

    As for your re-entry, I’m ecstatic I played a hand in that! Your examination of the world, of your own thoughts and the struggles we all go through as living souls, well… that’s one of my favorite things about the ‘sphere. I look forward to many more answers to many more calamitous questions, in the days ahead.

    As for me, I embrace change, even prompt it. I don’t know if the person that nominated me (Brooke, who is FABULOUS!) did so with the Versatility part or the Award part in mind, but I thought it the most sublime of all awards I could receive. Versatility, flexibility, adaptability … that is what Being Tom is all about.

    I loved every one of your seven things. Your analysis of the ease of being a football fan suits me, as well. Each and every one of them speaks of the sharpness of your mind, and the great capacity of your heart.

    I look forward to exploring the unknown blogs you’ve mentioned! The circle grows!!

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