Total Eclipse of the Heart (And Sun)

The Power of Intention – welcoming change and cleansing the old

Today, August 21, 2017 marks the solar eclipse.  Although in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada we only experienced a 90% eclipse, the path of totality (100% eclipsed) occurred very close in Oregon and was the first time in 99 years!  This is a significant event both celestially and in terms of our own energies…here comes my mystical side again.  In history, the total eclipse has been equated to a harbinger of badness, it is actually a great time to cleanse your energy and reboot.  Think control-alt-delete and start again! Welcoming new energy and with the new moon, manifesting your intentions.

The full moon, as previously discussed, is the opportune time to cleanse and let go of what is holding you back or keeping you stuck in place.  The new moon is a time of manifesting and using the power of intention to gain what you desire, what is in your highest and best interest.  All you need is your intentions, an openness to them and a pen to write them down.

Everything starts with intention.  That’s a powerful statement, but even the act of breathing starts with an intention to do so.  The law or power of intention is based in physics and quantum theory that everything is comprised of energy and from the same source of energy; therefore, what you desire, turn your attention towards and what you want to let go of or eliminate, turn your attention away.  Simple.  The trick is knowing what your intentions are and be specific.  The old adage “be careful what you wish for, you might just get it” rings true here.

The new moon is a powerful time to set your intentions and reflect on them.  It’s a simple process that starts with clearing your mind and finding some stillness.  Declaring your intentions, verbally or in writing, cements these intentions and makes them concrete.  It is best for these intentions to come from a place of contentment and ease, not based on need or a sense of lacking.  The most powerful component of this process or ritual is to release any expectations or attachment around the outcome and let the universe handle the details and work it’s magic.  A rigid attachment to how you think or feel things should be or happen prevents what you most desire from happening.  State your intentions and then leave it up to the energetic universe to bring you what is in your highest and best interest.  Great sites for easy guide to this process: and

Tonight I will make my intentions and free them to the universe.  I want to invite love and an open heart into my life and will set my intentions around just that.  I intend to be more authentic and to purposely embrace my mantra: Be present, brave and kind.  Happy Manifesting!

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